Replacement Windows and Doors

DoubleHung Vinyl Windows



Vinyl Replacement window hinged for easy cleaning. 

Heavy Duty Sash Lock & Keeper secure and air tight. Continuous Over/Under Interlock not trimmed away at lock. Double hung sash tilt in for easy cleaning with Recessed Tilt Latches

Double Hung has Continuous Over/Under Interlock & Triple Weather Stripping prevent air infiltration. replacement windows

Glider Windows



Vinyl Replacement window lift in for easy cleaning!

GLIDER Sash glide easily on brass rollers and lift out from inside for easy cleaning. Offered in two or three lite styles replacement windows

Patio Doorwalls



With multipoint safety locks

FEATURES Foot operated dead bolt provides an extra lock point for secure partial opening. Fusion-welding at door panel corners transforms four vinyl extrusions into a strong, one-piece door. Sloped, aluminum-reinforced sill guides rainwater outside and away. Safety Glass Mortised hook lock Double or Triple hook option Smooth gliding, solid-steel, zinc-plated tandem rollers. Iridium coating on exposed parts enhances corrosion resistant ENERGY EFFICIENCY • EASE OF OPERATION

Custom Bay or Bow Windows


 Allow the windows to be partially opened for ventilation, but limit their travel (hence the name) for security. Heavy Duty Sash Lock & Keeper Provides added security from intruders and an air tight lock. Recessed Tilt Latches Allow the sash to tilt in for easy cleaning. Continuous Over & Under Interlock Prevents air infiltration improving energy efficiency and lowering energy costs. [Thermal Glass Performance] energy SMART® Glass We use dual pane, insulated energy SMART® Glass for excellent thermal performance. energySMART® glass family Extruded Lift Rail From one-piece vinyl for easy fingertip operation and superior strength. Multi Chamber Extrusions with Optional Foam-Filled Main Frame Increases strength and insulating performance.  

Vinyl Replacement Windows





     POLARIS                              Doublehung
JELDWEN                                   Glider

ANDERSON                          Doorwalls
PLYGEM / MASTIC                   Garden ANDERSON                            Bay, Bow

PELLA                                  Casements

Entry Doors



   1. STEEL CONSTRUCTION      Galvanized inner and outer steel sheets offer strength and durability. There is no wood to rot, warp, split or bow. It is difficult to even dent our doors.  

     2.REINFORDCING STEEL STRIKE PLATE      Attaches behind the wood strike jamb for additional security.  

     3. COMPOSITE LOCK BLOCK      4"X10" composite lock block has more screw-holding power than wood. It is injection-molded for uniform size.  The door remains flat and strong beneath hardware.  

     4. SECURITY IS STANDARD (retro fit doors)      All steel-edge perimeter means there are no wood edges to crack when force is applied.    a. The force of one hit from a 100 lb test weight cracks a wood edge steel door.    b. Polaris Ultra Entry Steel Doors do not force open after 7 hits of a 100 lb test weight for a Grade 40 Security Rating Ensures proper alignment and seal. Normal settling or climate change can effect the door opening. Use a screw  driver to make the necessary adjustments. Move the door up or down, in or out without removing the door.  


     1. STILES      Composite stiles provide complete waterproofing for insulation and screw-holding power 2 times better than wood.  

     2. THICK SKIN      Fiberglass reinforced skins are resistant to dents, dings, splintering and corrosion. Do not transfer cold.  

     3. ENGINEERED RAIL      An engineered composite bottom rail prevents moisture from seeping into the door

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